• IRIS FAMILY 2014 - The wonderful residence and staff gather outside to take a group photo.

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Our Mission

To provide safe and secure supportive housing and services for persons with persistent serious mental illness (PSMI).

To emphasize the primary need for medical treatment supported by housing and vocational opportunities,
as well as, a comprehensive system of rehabilitation.

To maximize residents control over their activities.

To maximize family support in copying with PSMI.



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We fundraise to cover the difference between the City of Windsor per diem and our actual program costs. This amounts to $10,000.00 per month or $ 120,000.00 per year of raised funds. We have determined that our measured success supports the need for these programs.


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  • 16th April
    French Cuisine Monthly Luncheon

    Noon- 1:30 pm @ IRIS House

  • 21st May
    Italian Cuisine Monthly Luncheon

    Noon - 1:30 pm @ IRIS House

  • 18th June
    Greek Cuisine Luncheon Cuisine

    Noon - 1:30 pm @ IRIS House

  • 16th July
    Summer BBQ Cookout

    Noon @ IRIS House

  • 21st Aug

    No Luncheon

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